Luxury Bags · February 6, 2017

Brand Spotlight: Stella McCartney & The Falabella Box Bag

Stella McCartney’s Falabella bags have been a long time favourite of mine, especially for their vegan-friendly leather and casual-chic vibe. So when I saw that a new version of the Falabella had arrived for this season, I knew I had to blog about it.

The Falabella Box Bag is an updated and modernised version of the original Falabella; where the Falabella was soft and pliable, the Falabella Box is rigid and structured, transitioning the bag towards a more sophisticated look. The bags have otherwise kept similar characteristics to the original Falabella, notably using the same iconic chain detailing around the edge of the bag.


The bag comes in a variety of different finishes, colours and embellishments, as shown below. I think my favourite are the faux-croc white bags, and the studded black versions, which both work so well with the silver chain detailing. The white bags in particular could be a great purchase as we come out of winter and into spring; I sometimes find black a bit too heavy in spring/summer, but I think white is the perfect neutral for all seasons.



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What do you think of the Falabella Box bag?